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Join David and Catherine each week for scheduled and live content including: video teaching, live zoom sessions, guest interviews, an exclusive facebook group, and more!

In this community, you will gain a deeper understanding of how God created you, what He's designed you to accomplish on this earth, and how to connect with the Holy Spirit and overcome the obstacles that keep you from walking in the fulness of your destiny!

Catherine and David love helping others to identify who God has made them to be, to help them encounter Him and hear Him in a personal way, and to equip them to live and walk in their giftings and calling.


Each week David and Catherine will share experience and interviews to help you build your faith and take steps to walk in the fulness of your kingdom destiny.

Live Sessions:

Join us for special live online meetings where we can answer questions, hear your stories, and gather together.

Guest Interviews:

Get exclusive access to interviews with special guests covering diverse topics about life, relationships, ministry, business, and beyond.

Kingdom Community:

Join a community of like-minded men and women and be encouraged by the stories and successes we get to share with each other!

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